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agg Smiley Face Crew Tee

USD 35


Made from 100% GRS certified recycled cotton with Polygon’s ‘agg’ Layer smiley face printed on the front of this heavy, 7 oz tee. This is also the first and only closed loop t-shirt. Designed from the beginning to be recycled and reincorporated into our supply chain. Each shirt includes QR codes which enable you to recycle your Everywhere products (and other clothes) at end of life.


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Smile! You are helping;

> Keeping waste out of the landfill
> Saving hundreds of gallons of fresh water
> Does not use toxic dyes, chemical fertilizers or pesticides
> Reduces carbon emissions and is Climate Neutral Certified

Polygon has long been at the forefront of blockchain innovation, and their latest breakthrough, the AggLayer, introduces a completely new thesis for blockchain design. To celebrate this transformative technology, Polygon has teamed up with Everywhere Apparel and creator Blake Fuller Payne for an exclusive t-shirt release with Crowdmuse.

This limited-edition t-shirt symbolizes the harmony between sustainable fashion and the revolutionary impact of interconnected blockchain chains accessing unified liquidity through the AggLayer. The design captures the essence of simplicity, often lost in complex technological narratives, and champions the vision of making sustainable garment production the norm rather than a challenge.
From modular to monolithic to aggregated, this t-shirt embodies the evolution of blockchain architecture, reflecting the sophisticated synthesis that defines the AggLayer.

Modular > Monolithic > Aggregated :)

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