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‘ATTENTION + POWER’ Crew Neck by Slow Rodeo

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Limited Edition ‘ATTENTION + POWER’’ crew neck by Slow Rodeo for Base. In collaboration with sustainable clothing brand Los Angeles Apparel and manufacturer Halftone Agency and 3D artist CU3D. This crew neck sweatshirt is made by Los Angeles Apparel in South Central, LA by expert sewers using premium construction materials and techniques.


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“Fast gets all our attention, slow has all the power" is a quote by Stewart Brand, the co-founder and editor of The Whole Earth Catalog, highlighting the dichotomy and interplay between rapid, attention-grabbing developments and the underlying, slower-moving forces within which they take root.

Examples of “fast” (symbolized by the hare on the front of the garment) are all around us and easy to spot—chief amongst them the rise of blockchain technology and AI. With each new development comes seemingly exponential change, compounded by the distribution power of the Internet. Those at the forefront play a crucial role, challenging the limits of possibility in an effort to pave the way towards a more connected and equitable tomorrow.

But the advancements of “fast” are simply the visible tip of the iceberg—ultimately unsustainable if not for the “slow” work (symbolized by the tortoise on the garment’s reverse) that serves as its foundation. Crypto and AI, like all “overnight successes,” are decades in the making. And their mainstream adoption will be the direct result of thoughtfully-built systems, regulatory structures, and philosophical shifts only possible through hard, slow work and the passage of time.

It is this commitment to—and understanding of—the equal importance of “fast” and “slow” that will enable Base to bring the next billion users onchain.

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