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CU3D 3D NPC Model Creator License

USD 5.99


This standard creator license is for personal use. Commercial use requires attribution of the original creator as well as a 20% revenue share of sales from all future derivative works. Purchase of this artifact gives access to the creator license and all working files including basemesh, texture, and the rig.

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This 3D NPC Model designed and animated by 3D and Motion Graphics Artist CU3D originally appeared as part of the Crowdmuse and Optimism ‘Stay Optimistic’ Onchain Summit Sweatshirt drop. Modeled in C4D and textured with Octane.

Creators that wish to add movement to the model can do so by downloading all files provided in the zip file upon purchase into Mixamo to give the rigged NPC model movement and animation.

The license of this creator artifact enables other creators to license and compose future derivatives with this model, we see this as a basis of an artifact that will develop over time, remixed into a variety of products and mediums.

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