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Ethevacuations Watermelon Pin (بطيخ)

USD 1000


Limited edition digital collectible and physical pin from Studio AWOL in support of

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CREATORS is a project to fund evacuations of families from Gaza with crypto.

To leave Gaza for safety, families must pay a coordination fee of ~5k USD for adults and ~2k for children to exit through the Rafah crossing. Many families are now fundraising to be able to evacuate and survive the constant bombardment and starvation.

Kat, the founder of ethevacuations, is best known for her career building tools for creators at companies such as Zora, Ableton and SoundCloud. She traveled to Gaza in June 2023 to be a mentor in product management for the community at Gaza Sky Geeks, who she’s supporting with this project. Every family she’s raising money for is a colleague and friend she met during her time in Gaza.

The watermelon is a symbol of Palestinian solidarity, representing the colors of the flag while circumventing censorship of the flag itself. The watermelon pin is handmade by Studio AWOL in Berlin Neukölln.

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