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This genesis artifact enables collectors to mint their dynamic membership profile on Crowdmuse. Each drop brings creators and makers onchain. Together, our community will co-create networked goods to reflect the cultural zeitgeist.

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Creative contribution is not just onchain. It is the chain. Multiplayer collaboration for shared ownership of the value chain.

At the convergence of technology and creativity, a new era of the creator economy is unfolding before our eyes.

Creativity is collaborative by nature, a symphony born out of the collective forces of many. Art has traditionally been the fusing together of the collective minds and talents.

Now technology is unlocking co-creation tools to enable borderless collaboration. An opportunity to just create and shut out everything else, where creators and makers are supported by the collective and the technology, without having to deal with the busywork of ensuring the viability of their brands and communities.

Creators can become owners, communities can become curators, and consumers can become collectors. The creative process is moving from individualistic back into collaborative.

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