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"Everything is Plastic" by Liqhtworks



Sink into the seat of digital transformation with "Everything is Plastic," an NFT collection that channels the essence of time and adaptability, presented at ETHDenver 2024. This series, inspired by the atemporal depths of subliminal spaces, invites you to contemplate and remix the hyperspa to your desire, a testament to the fluidity of creation and perception in the age of AI.

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The Monobloc chair, a ubiquitous symbol of disposable modern culture, represents an era where the mass production of single-piece plastic chairs made affordability and accessibility its hallmark. Just as this chair has infiltrated every corner of the globe, morphing from a symbol of convenience into a testament of environmental debate, AI has similarly enveloped our digital realm. It molds information, communication, and even our perceptions with a plasticity that's both revolutionary and controversial. AI's omnipresence and adaptability mirror the Monobloc's journey, shaping a world where the lines between natural and artificial blur, casting shadows of wonder and caution in the hearts of those who ponder its impact on the fabric of $TIME.

Curated for In the Mean Time at ETHDenver 2024, Everything is Plastic continues an exploration of subliminal spaces which emerged from For the Time Being (2024), incorporating remixed elements of prior works released on Crowdmuse. The release features three new versions of the Optimistic NPC quietly contemplating its existence in the wet embrace of the hyperspa. Collectors receive a high resolution animation, as well as an updated model of the hyperspa to be remixed and made plastic to your heart’s content (CC0).

Minters also receive a ticket to claim their Agent ID on, which will allow you to create an autonomous chat agent for further exploration.

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