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Take Up Space ZINE 01

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Take Up Space

Limited edition 32-page 3-color risograph zine by the Take Up Space collective. This printed matter explores the ‘Technology of Togetherness’ through a collection of stories, essays, poetry and art with a distinctly Black, femme and queer lens. Printed in Edinburgh, Scotland at Out of the Blueprint eco studio using specialist Japanese printing methods. Designed by Hannah Schmith with Creative Direction from Paff Evara.

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Take Up Space is a creator collective building culture through media and community experiences. We come together in seasons: dreaming, exploring and co-creating work that makes us feel most alive. In this season, that work is culminating in the form of this Zine.

In these pages, we explore the crossroads between technology, community and culture. The theme ‘Technology of Togetherness’ is a phrase coined by Emma Warren, a prolific London writer and broadcaster. Guided by Emma’s instructions (‘make what you can, it’s enough’ and ‘your story contextualises ours’), we embarked on this journey with an open call, asking questions like:

☾ Can technology heal and connect like minded people?
☾ What are the impacts of emerging technology on culture?
☾ How does our notion of care evolve in an increasingly digital world?

The result is a cozy collection of essays, interviews, poetry, and art – forever captured in time through printed matter. 𝓈𝓁𝑜𝓌 𝓂𝑒𝒹𝒾𝒶 for culture-makers.

✢ Contributors: Alexandra Obochi, Chin Ru Foo, Agalia Tan, Taylor Watson, Joy Donnell, Ebuka Mordi, Kiana Pirouz, Raven Trammell, Lindsey Mills, Maceo Whatley, Laura Helen, Azalea Montano-Kemp, Nicole Tremaglio, Rita Vargas and Lindsey Gemmill.
✢ Editing Squad: Carbon, Riley, Rita, Syke.
✢ Take Up Space Team: Riley, Chet, Kiana
✢ Photographer: Hannah Peacock
✢ Zine Designer: Hannah Schmith
✢ Creative Director & Editor in Chief: Paff Evara

Dedicated to Jemimah Jones.

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