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‘Wheel of Internet’ by Reza Hasni

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Exclusive Wheel of Internet digital collectible and physical print by Reza Hasni in collaboration with Lens for Gateway Miami at Art Basel Miami 2023 presented by nft now. Curated by CRAFT and Crowdmuse.

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Wheel of Internet is a tongue-in-cheek rework from the Buddhist drawing of the Wheel of Life. Familiar social media iconography is integrated with visual references that allude to the evolution of the web in one single artwork. The new world of how we experience and perceive our values online collides with how we reflect on our existing online environments.

Just as the Wheel of Life symbolizes the cyclic nature of life, the continuous rhythm of life, death and rebirth, the Wheel of Internet shows us how society evolves through patterns of self-expression in our digital realms. Each new experience is not in isolation but one more thread in the complex, interwoven tapestry of our online existence.

Crowdmuse is proud to announce its first art curated drop with artist Reza Hasni and Lens. This piece unites Lens’ innovative web3 social layer with Crowdmuse's commitment to empowering emerging creators and CRAFT’s decentralized creative studio for a unique digital experience.

Creators and collectors will be able to mint a digital collectible of the animated artwork and redeem a physical art print. Reza Hasni’s custom artwork for Lens will be showcased at Gateway Miami, presented by nft now and FACTBLOCK during Art Basel Miami Dec 23.

A second digital edition will be minted on the Lens app to unlock distribution through new audiences and monetization for Reza Hasni as the artist. A cross-platform onchain experiment to bring new creators and use cases to the Lens ecosystem.

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